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Auróra Solis Núntia | 2016 | TB or SA a cappella | 3'

St. Joseph the Worker | O dawn announcing the sun


This is a setting of the Lauds hymn for the feast of St. Joseph the Work, May 1.  It may be sung alternatim with the traditional Gregorian chant.

premiered May 19, 2018  Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary



Aurora, solis nuntia

Florumque mensi praevia,

Fabri sonoram malleo

Domum salutat Nazarae.


Salve, caput domesticum,

Sub quo supremus Artifex,

Sudore salso roridus,

Exercet artem patriam.


Altis locatus sedibus

Celsaeque Sponsae proximus,

Adesto nunc clientibus,

Quos vexat indigentia.


Absintque vis et iurgia,

Fraus omnis a mercedibus;

Victus cibique copiam

Mensuret una parcitas.


O Trinitatis Unitas,

Ioseph precante, quaesumus,

In pace nostros omnium

Gressus viamque dirige.


O dawn announcing the sun

Beginning the month of flowering;

The workman's resounding hammer

Salutes the home at Nazareth.


Hail, head of the household

Beneath whom is the supreme Artificer;

Who, bedewed with salty sweat,

Exercises his father's trade.


He was placed on a high seat

nearest to his Noble Spouse;

be near now to all thy clients

who are troubled by indigency.


Strength and strife be absent!

and all defrauding of wages;

May copious nourishment of food

be limited only by moderation.


O Trinity, O Unity,

by the prayers of Joseph;

Direct in peace

all our steps and our path.



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