Coelius Sedulius' 5th century Lauds hymn for Christmas is here coupled with the text of John's Gospel.  The work uses modal harmonies as well as a mixed-meter melody with a droning "i-son" that hopes to transport the listener into the mystery of the Incarnation.


A Solis Ortus Cárdine | 2017 | SATB a cappella | 3'

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  • A solis ortus cárdine

    Ad usquae terrae límitem,

    Christum canámus Príncipem,

    Natum María Vírgine.


    Beátus auctor saéculi

    Servíle corpus índuit:

    Ut carne carnem líberans,

    Ne pérderet quos cóndidit.


    * Verbum caro factum est.

    Et habitávit in nobis.


    Castae Paréntis víscera

    Caeléstis intrat grátia:

    Venter Puéllae bájulat

    Secréta, quae non nóverat.


    Gaudet chorus caeléstium,

    Et Angeli canunt Deo;

    Palámque fit pastóribus

    Pastor, Creátor ómnium.


    * Verbum caro factum est.

    Et habitávit in nobis. Amen.

    -Cœlius Sedulius, * John 1:14

    From the far-blazing gate of morn

    To earth's remotest shore,

    Let every tongue confess to Him

    Whom holy Mary bore.


    Lo! the great Maker of the world,

    Lord of eternal years,

    To save his creatures, veil'd beneath

    A creature's form appears.


    The Word was made flesh.

    And dwelt among us. Amen.


    A spotless maiden's virgin breast

    With heavenly grace He fills;

    In her pure wombe He is conceived,

    And there in secret dwells.


    Straightway with joy the Heav'ns are fill'd,

    The host's angels sing;

    And shepherds hasten to adore

    There Shepherd and their King.


    The Word was made flesh.

    And dwelt among us. Amen.


    translation: Fr. E. Caswall



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