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Communio Tone 8 à 3:  Mirabantur_Dominus regnavit  |  2022

This is part of an ongoing series of equal-voice fauxbourdons designed to accompany antiphons and psalmody for both the Mass and Divine Office.


These are easily adaptable for a schola of any size.  Sing a few verses with the Gloria Patri or all the verses depending on the time needed for the distribution of communion and its procession.  The antiphonal nature along with the mix of plainchant and polyphony are sure to make any liturgy all the more solemn and prayerful.


premiered:  St. Francis of Assisi Oratory 2022 


Need this set to a different Communio text or for SSA or ATB?  Contact me and we'll make it happen.

Communio Tone 8 à 3: Mirabantur_Dominus regnavit | 2022

  • -Lk 4: 22


    All wondered at the words, which proceeded from the mouthof God.


    Psalm 96, 1, 4-8

    1. The Lord hath reigned, let the earth rejoice: let many islands be glad.

    2. His lightnings have shone forth to the world: the earth saw and trembled.

    3. The mountains melted like wax, at the presence of the Lord: at the presence of the

    Lord of all the earth.

    4. The heavens declared his justice: and all people saw his glory.

    5. Adore him, all you his angels: Sion heard, and was glad.

    6. And the daughters of Juda rejoiced, because of thy judgments, O Lord.

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