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Gentis Polónae | 2018 | TB & organ | 5'

This Vesper hymn of St. John Cantius is here set as an alternatim between the Gregorian chant and a newly composed setting of the text.  This piece was written and premiered for the ceremony of Tonsure during the Fall of 2018 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.  On this recording the organ improvises during the chant (odd) verses.   (organist-Adrian Fyda)  


*The organ score is included in your purchase of the vocal score.

*This arrangement is also available set to a Marian text.  Coming soon!

premiered:  Fall 2018 |  Polyphonic Choir of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

Gentis Polónae | 2018 | TB & organ | 5'

  • GENTIS Polonae gloria,

    Clerique splendor nobilis,

    Decus Lycaei, et patriae

    Pater, Joannes inclyte.


    2. Legem superni Numinis

    Doces magister, et facis.

    Nil scire prodest: sedulo

    Legem nitamur exsequi.


    3. Apostolorum limina

    Pedes viator visitas;

    Ad patriam, ad quam tendimus,

    Gressus viamque dirige.


    4. Urbem petis Jerusalem:

    Signata sacro sanguine

    Christi colis vestigia,

    Rigasque fusis fletibus.



    5. Acerba Christi vulnera,

    Haerete nostris cordibus,

    Ut cogitemus consequi

    Redemptionis pretium.


    6. Te prona mundi machina,

    Clemens adoret Trinitas,

    Et nos novi per gratiam

    Novum canamus canticum.

    Vesper Hymn

    Oct. 20

    St. John Cantius

    Roman Breviary

    O GLORY of the Polish race,

    splendor of the priestly band,

    Whose lore did thy Lyceum grace,

    John, father of the fatherland.


    2. The Law of the supernal Will

    Thou teachest both in word and deed;

    Knowledge is naught — we must fulfill

    In works, not barren words, our creed !


    3. On foot to Apostolic Rome

    Thy pilgrim spirit joyful hied;

    Oh, to our everlasting home

    The path declare, the footstep guide!


    4. Again, in Sion's holy street,

    Anew thou wet'st with tearful flood

    The pathway of the Saviour's feet

    Erst wet with His redeeming Blood.


    5. O sweet and bitter Wounds of Christ,

    Deep in our hearts imprinted stay,

    That the blest fruit the sacrificed

    Redeemer gained, be ours for aye!


    6. Then let the world obeisance due

    Perform, O God, to Thy high Will;

    And let our souls, by grace made new,

    Sing to Thee a new canticle!


    Translation: E. Caswall 1873

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