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In Spiritu in Humilitatis  |  2022  |  SATB a cappella  4'

This is a setting of one of the Offertory prayers the priest quietly says before the Consecration.  



In Spiritu in Humilitatis | 2022 | SATB a cappella 4'

  • In spíritu humilitátis et in ánimo contríto suscipiámur a te, Dómine:
    et sic fiat sacrifícium nostrum
    in conspéctu tuo hódie,

    ut pláceat tibi, Dómine Deus.
    from the Offertory Prayers of the Traditional Latin Rite Liturgy

    In the spirit of humility and contrition of heart, accept us, O Lord,
    and grant that the sacrifice which we offer this day in Thy sight

    may be pleasing to Thee, O Lord God.

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