Maria Mater Grátiae |  2016  |  TB or SA a cappella |  3'

This Marian text is here set as a liturgical alternatim between the traditional lauds hymn and a two-voice polyphonic setting.  Originally written for Marian feasts at Our Lady of Guadalupe Schola in 2016.

premiered:  October 2016, Polyphonic Choir of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

Maria Mater Grátiae | 2016 | TB or SA a cappella | 3'

  • María Mater grátiae,

    Dulcis Parens cleméntiae,

    Tu nos ab hoste prótege,

    Et mortis horan súscipe.


    Jesu tibi sit glória,

    Qui natus es de Vírgine,

    Cum Patre et almo Spíritu,

    In sempitérna saécula. Amen.

    Mary gracious mother,
    Sweet fount of mercy,
    Protect us from the foe

    and receive us in our hour of death.


    Jesu, born of the Virgin, glory be to thee

    with the Father and the Holy Spirit

    For ever and ever. Amen.



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