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Salvation is Forever Nigh  |  2022  |  SATB a cappella  4''

A modal setting of Isaac Watts' translation of Psalm 85, Part II.  


Recorded here by J. David Moore's First Readings Project singers.  



Salvation is Forever Nigh | 2022 | SATB a cappella 4''

  • Ps. 85, Part II 

    ~as found in Melody and Songs: Hymns from the Psalm Versions of Isaac Watts †1748)

    Salvation is forever nigh
    the ones who trust in God's great care; let grace, descending from on high bless all with hope and glory here.


    Let earth know truth and mercy met when Christ the Lord came down from heaven. By his obedience, so complete,
    is justice pleased, and peace is given.


    Now truth and honor shall abound, devotions fill the earth again,
    and heavenly influence bless the ground in our Redeemer's gentle reign.


    His righteous ways will lead before, to give us free approach to God; our wandering feet shall stray no more; we’ll mark his steps, and keep his road.

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