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O Quam Amabilis  |  TTBB a cappella |  ca 2-5'

I first discovered this motet as an arrangement for three voices.  Via Abel DiMarco, I found the TTBB version and made this version with a few changes to the bass line where the voices were doubling in the chord.  This strophic piece is easy to learn and works well for Offertory, Communion throughout the year, or Recessionals in Lent.  


The recording here only uses the first and last verse.  All five verses take about 5 minutes to sing.


This carefully researched, beautifully engraved, and optimally arranged score will save you hours of preparation and rehearsal time, and be a joy for your singers to use.

I offer make it availble to you, so that you can spend less time at the computer and more time making music.


Thank you for supporting my work! 


O Quam Amabilis | TTBB a cappella | ca 2-5'

  • 1. O quam amabilis es bone Iesu, (O dulcis Jesu)

    quam delectabilis es pie Iesu.

    O cordis iubilum, mentis solatium,

    O bone Jesu, O bone Iesu.


    2. Quam admirabilis es pie Jesu, (O dulcis Jesu)

    Quam honorabilis es pie Jesu.

    O cordis...O bone Jesu.


    3. Quam venerabilis es bone Jesu, (O dulcis Jesu)

    Semper laudabilis es pie Jesu.

    O cordis...O bone Jesu.


    4. Gregi fidelium da, bone Jesu, (O dulcis Jesu)

    salutis exitum O pie Jesu.

    post vitae terminum, perenne gaudium

    da bone Jesu, O bone Jesu..



    1. How lovely you are, good Jesus, (o sweet Jesus)

    how delightful you are, holy Jesus.  

    Oh, heart's joy, solace of the mind,

    good Jesus.


    2. … worthy of admiration …

    … worthy of honour…


    3. … worthy of veneration …

    … always to be praised …


    4. Give to the flock of the faithful O Good Jesus, …
    deliverance and salvation, …
    Provide, after the end of life, …
    eternal joy, …

    Translation by Campelli

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