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Qui Custódit Veritátem  |  2020  |  TTB or SSA a cappella | 2-4'

This is the traditional Gregorian chant for the offertory of the third Sunday after Easter. The traditional verse (Qui custódit veritátem) has been set for TTB voices (01:38), in which the baritone line uses a Tone 4 psalm tone as its cantus firmus. The chant returns to the psallam Deo meo in keeping with the traditional form of the offertory as a responsory.

Premiered:  St. Francis of Assisi Oratory  |  Lincoln, NE  April 2020

Recorded: Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary | Denton, NE May 2021


Bass:  Jacob Kasak, Charles Ohotnicky, Rev. Mr. Noel Soares, Adrian Fyda

Baritone:  David Carter, Quinn Gomez, Niko Hoijarvi, Patrick Shea, Andrew Daniels

Tenor:  Thomas Clovis, John Francis Sulzen, Rev. Mr. Jared Leonard, Rev. Mr. Elijah Mundattuchundayil, n.e. lemme

Qui Custódit Veritátem | 2020 | TTB or SSA a cappella | 2-4'

  • Ps. 145: 7

    Offertorium (Corpus) anon: Graduale Romanum

    Lauda ánima mea a Dóminum: laudábo Dóminum in vita mea: psállam Deo meo, quámdiu ero, alleluia.

    (Versum) composer: Nicholas Lemme ( *1978)

    Qui custódit veritátem in sáeculum: fáciens judícium injúrian patiéntibus: dat escam esuriéntibus.



    Praise the Lord, O my soul: I will praise the Lord in my life: I will sing a song to God as long as I shall be, alleluia.

    Who keepeth truth forever: Who executeth judgment for them that suffer wrong: Who giveth food to the hungry.


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