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Urbs Jerusalem  |  TBB a cappella |  ca 3-6'

This is a transposition of Dufay's original ATB version, here set for TBB.  The plainchant can be sung in a lower octave or in the upper.  



Urbs Jerusalem Monastic

plainchant & alternatim verses for TTB voices by Guillaume Dufay (†1474)


Recorded November, 2023 at Chapel of Ss. Peter and Paul, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, FSSP Denton, NE during the Ordination of Minor Orders.


Singers: John Francis Sulzen, Andrew Daniels, Conan McGonagle, Marhall Harmon, Michael LaRochelle, Dominic Galante, Mr. Christopher Hattrup, Rev. Mr. Jacob Kasak, & Rev. Fr. Anthony Uy, n. e. lemme   Director: Nicholas Lemme


Urbs Jerusalem | TBB a cappella | ca 3-6'

  • Blessed city, heavenly Salem,

    vision dear of peace and love,

    who of living stones art builded

    in the height of heaven above,

    and, with angel hosts encircled,

    as a bride dost earthward move;


    from celestial realms descending,

    bridal glory round thee shed,

    meet for him whose love espoused thee,

    to thy Lord shalt thou be led;

    all thy streets and all thy bulwarks

    of pure gold are fashioned.


    Bright thy gates of pearl are shining;

    they are open evermore;

    and by virtue of his merits

    thither faithful souls do soar,

    who for Christ's dear Name in this world

    pain and tribulation bore.


    Many a blow and biting sculpture

    polished well those stones elect,

    in their places now compacted

    by the heavenly Architect,

    who therewith hath willed for ever

    that his palace should be decked.


    Laud and honor to the Father,

    laud and honor to the Son,

    laud and honor to the Spirit,

    ever Three, and ever One,

    consubstantial, coeternal,

    while unending ages run.

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