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Ad te levavi...dirige me | Advent Offertory Verse Motet (TTB a cap)

Updated: Apr 10

First Sunday of Advent Offertory Plainchant and Polyphonic Motet Verse Plainchant: Ps. 24: 1-3 Verses: Ps. 24: 5 Plainchant: Anonymous | Verse: Nicholas Lemme | Polyphonic Verse "Dirige me" begins @ 01:26

This Offertory is the first in the series of Four Advent Motet Offertory Verses commissioned by by Russell and Charlotte Ostermann, for the Men's Schola of the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls, SD under the direction of Jared Ostermann. Recorded and Premiered September 23, 2023 by the men of TRANSEPT under the direction of Timothy J. Campbell at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Sioux Falls, SD.

Find the score HERE

Find out about Transept HERE.

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