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Credo in Spiritum Sanctum & Qui Cum Patre (TTB a cap) ~a collaboration with J. Obrecht (1457-1505)

This is an excerpt of a Credo from a Mass by Jacob Obrecht (1457-1505) that I found in a publication by M & R Co. Boston, MA, Mediaeval and Renaissance Choral Music, 1940. In my arrangement you'll find a simple pedal tone accompanying the two-voice canon, as well as a newly composed introduction and Amen from the text of the Credo of the Mass.

Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, Dominum et vivificantem, and Amen composed by Nicholas Lemme Qui Cum Patre... composed by Jacob Obrecht (1457-1505), arr. n.e. lemme Premiered November 2022 & Recorded March 27, 2023 at Chapel of Ss. Peter and Paul, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, FSSP Denton, NE for Rev. Fr. Quinn Gomez's First Mass Singers: Rev. Mr. Jacob Kasak, Rev. Mr. Christopher Eichman, John Francis Sulzen, Andrew Daniels, Conan McGonagle, Marhall Harmon, David Carter, Dominic Rumore, Matthew Davis, Brewer Arnoult, Kevin Zaporski, Ryan Ng, Rev. Fr. Elijah Mundattuchundayil, n. e. lemme

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