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Tone 1 Fauxbourdon (TTB or SSA a cappella)

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

This is part of an ongoing series of equal-voice fauxbourdons designed to accompany antiphons and psalmody for both the Mass and Divine Office. I plan on making these for all eight tones and setting them to the Magnificat as well as Sunday Communion Psalm verses that accompany the antiphons. Tones 1, 2, 7, and 8 are completed. Four more to go!

Plainchant Antiphon: Beata viscera from Communion Proper from the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mother

Psalm 44: Communion verses

Fauxbourdon: Nicholas Lemme

Recorded Feb.4, 2022 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, FSSP

Singers: Jacob Kasak, Adrian Fyda, Quinn Gomez, Christopher Eichman, Charles Ohotnicky, John Francis Sulzen, Andrew Daniels, Conan McGonagle, Marhall Harmon, David Carter, Thomas Clovis, Joseph Falciano, Dominic Rumore, Michael LaRochelle, Michael Mays, Joshua McDonald

Director: Nicholas Lemme

Purchase the score here.

More info about Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary here.

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